An NFT project leveraging next-generation NFTs

Why now? – The problem

  1. The current NFT model is limiting in nature.
  2. It lacks immersion and therefore no longer generates value. NFTs have no intrinsic value.
  3. Projects create utilities, but those utilities have no anchor to dictate the intrinsic value of an NFT.
  4. Projects have started creating NFTs on artificial scarcity, but this model is no longer functional.

Projects need an innovative approach to creating and transferring value with NFTs. Space has immense potential, but it currently lacks resources.

The ideal solution to address the above concerns would be a value-added mechanism that would not only eliminate the need to flip to extract value, but also allow creators to generate regular revenue from this mechanism.

The solution

If you ask what the NFT space currently needs, something that solves this problem from the base itself.

A new model to advance the concept of NFTs, perhaps?

Asur created next-generation NFTs, pioneering the idea of ​​revolutionizing the way people view and experience NFTs.

Next-generation NFTs are an on-chain smart contract infrastructure that allows NFTs to unlock and leverage their interactive capabilities. Next-generation NFTs are immersive NFTs.


  • Introduce two-way transfer of value through NFTs.
  • Convert the single-point interaction model of NFTs to a multi-point interaction model.
  • Enable NFTs to leverage existing ecosystem solutions and tools.

Underlying magic

With the concept of next-generation NFTs, Asur will leverage existing tools, applications and services in the Tezos ecosystem.

Asur NFTs operate on a task reward system. NFT holders will use existing ecosystem projects to complete assigned tasks and unlock the corresponding reward.

For example, a task could be to provide liquidity in the Tezos DEX, and the corresponding reward could be that the user gained access to NFT staking privileges.

This model will open up the use of the ecosystem to NFT holders and creators like never before.

Asur will continue to share information about their infrastructure and how it works in future blogs. So stay tuned.

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