Banco Santander SA: New feature on Santander website and app allows customers to measure carbon footprint

Carbon offset

Customers can see their monthly carbon footprint in kg CO2-eq under categories such as food, supermarkets and shopping, home, transport and automotive, leisure, health, education and services.

They can see green tips for each category, as well as important facts and FAQs, to learn how to reduce their footprint, help fight climate change and be more active in the transition to a more sustainable economy. In addition, customers will be able to offset their carbon footprint by voluntarily collaborating in emission reduction or absorption projects and by obtaining “carbon credits” on the ClimateCommerce Platform. Thanks to the platform block chain technology, all offset transactions are traceable, thus guaranteeing a real impact in the fight against climate change.

Santander customers can support Santander-reviewed initiatives on renewable energy, ecosystem conservation and reforestation (for which detailed information will be available) that meet international standards.

Carbon credits are internationally recognized permits aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Each credit is equivalent to one tonne of CO2 that it will remove from the atmosphere. Considered as a compensation instrument within the framework of the UN Kyoto Protocol, they allow everyone to act for the climate by supporting environmentally friendly projects.

Santander has been measuring and reporting its carbon footprint since 2011 as part of its support for the fight against climate change. It also became carbon neutral in its own operations in 2020. As founding member of the Net Zero Banking Allianceit is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2025 not only in financing, advisory and investment services, but in all of its group’s operations, setting the necessary targets and supporting clients in their transition towards a low-carbon economy.

About ClimateTrade
ClimateTrade is the world’s first blockchain-based climate marketplace, directly connecting developers of sustainable projects with companies seeking to offset their carbon footprint to bring transparency, traceability and efficiency to carbon offsetting while reducing transaction costs. The ClimateTrade API and Widget allow any business to offer carbon neutral products and services from their own platform.

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