Best Cheap Life Insurance Providers for 24 Year Olds (Men & Women)

It’s never too early to start thinking about life insurance. In fact, if you’re 24 and single, it’s a good idea to start the ball rolling with a policy in place before you find true love or have kids! But how do you find an affordable plan for your situation? This article will cover the best inexpensive life insurance providers for 24 year old men and women, including costs, features, what’s available, and factors to consider when finding coverage. . In addition, we discuss the importance of a life insurance policy for a 24 year old.

Factors to Consider When Finding the Best Cheap Life Insurance Provider for 24 Year Olds


Monthly premiums are the amount you pay each month for your life insurance. Be sure to consider whether the rates are fixed or variable and what they may look like over time when you are shopping. Make sure you find prices from multiple vendors and create a comparison matrix. This will allow you to narrow your search to the best inexpensive life insurance providers for 24 years.

Investment options

Some policies come with their own retirement savings plan, which guarantees an additional payment in the event of death. Some plans do not offer this functionality, but provide an investment component. These allow you to invest your funds for growth instead of receiving a simple payment upon your death.

Policy endorsements

Several additional features can be added to improve a policy. This includes the Accidental Death Benefit (ADB), Critical Illness Benefit (CIB) and Waiver of Premium Benefit (WOP). ADB will allow your beneficiary to receive accidental death benefits, CIB provides additional funds if you suffer from a serious illness such as a heart attack or stroke, and WOP waives all premiums once you have had a stroke. ‘an accident occurs.

Some policies may even provide for double indemnity in the event of the death of an insured while he is at his place of work.


Each insurance policy is tied to a specific set of features and benefits that you can enjoy. Consider factors such as whether or not your dependent children are insured, how many days you must wait for coverage to take effect, how many times you can receive payments, and how long the policy will last before. its expiration.

Coverage amount

If you want your beneficiaries to receive the full amount upon your death, then consider choosing a life insurance plan that guarantees coverage up to the desired amount. Some providers allow you to select the desired amount with additional endorsements that provide additional amounts upon death.

Complaints process

Always consider the time a life insurance company takes to pay a claim. If you have questions about your policy or want to file a claim, this information will be useful, especially if you need your benefits to be accelerated quickly.

Reimbursement of premiums

If you are looking for the best inexpensive life insurance, make sure that it offers a return of premiums feature. This means that if you cancel your coverage before the end of its term, you will be refunded the amount paid in premiums less any withdrawals made.

Surrender value

Depending on the type of policy you choose, you may end up with cash value or be required to invest your premiums in a separate account. This will allow multiple policies to be combined into one larger investment portfolio and to be paid out on the death of the beneficiaries. Find out how much money you would need to contribute and what type of interest rate is offered.

The Best Cheap Life Insurance Providers for 24 Year Olds



Sproutt is a peer-to-peer insurance brokerage firm. This means they use their base of over 1,500 agents to help you find the best inexpensive life insurance for you.

Policy term Average cost
30 years For 24 year old females, rates start at $ 11 per month for a $ 100,000 policy
30 years For
24 year old males men, premiums start at $ 18 per month for $ 100,000 of coverage


  • They have over 1,500 agents who are more than qualified to find you the best cheap life insurance.
  • Depending on your profile, they will put you in touch with the best life insurance companies.
  • They offer term cover of 10 to 40 years.
  • You can choose the coverage you need.
  • They offer guaranteed acceptance (so there is no medical examination).
  • You can get up to $ 350,000 in coverage for a monthly premium of just $ 23 per month.

Select a quote

Select a quote

SelectQuote is an affordable life insurance provider that offers term and whole life insurance options. They have a customer base of over 3 million people across America.

Policy term Average cost
10 years Pricing starts at $ 8 per month for 24-year-old females for $ 250,000 of coverage
10 years The rates for 24 year old males with a payment option of $ 250,000 starting at $ 9 with a payment of $ 250,000 for 30 years


  • They give a 10-day free search period to review the policy if you want to cancel your coverage.
  • The amount of coverage ranges from $ 5,000 to over $ 5 million.
  • Term life insurance coverage begins from ages 10-30.
  • All term policies can be converted to permanent coverage without a medical examination.
  • The policies are renewable.



Transamerica life insurance offers guaranteed issue plans. Below is the categorization based on gender, price, and coverage.

  • Rates start at $ 9 per month for $ 100,000 of coverage for 24 year old females, with a payment of $ 250,000 for 30 years.
  • For 24 year old malesPremiums start at $ 12 per month for $ 100,000 of coverage, which covers up to $ 500,000 for 30 years.


  • Up to $ 100,000 of coverage without medical examination
  • Coverage of up to $ 10 million under the Trendsetter Super Term Life Policy
  • Under the Trendsetter LB, you can get up to $ 2 million in death benefits.
  • The duration of coverage varies from 10 to 30 years.

State farm

State farm

State Farm has over 1,000 agents and 1.5 million customers. They will help you find the best inexpensive life insurance plan to meet your needs.

  • Life insurance premiums start at $ 10 per month for $ 500,000 of coverage for 24 year old women, paying $ 50,000 for ten years.
  • For 24 year old menThe rate starts at $ 10 per month for $ 500,000 of coverage with $ 100,000 coverage for ten years.


  • They offer over ten temporary and permanent life insurance policies to choose from.
  • Possibility to convert your policy to a permanent policy
  • Flexible payment options
  • Coverage up to $ 50,000 without medical examination
  • The death benefit offered ranges from $ 100,000 to $ 250,000 in death benefits.

Mutual Freedom

Mutual Freedom

Based on its customer base of over 3 million people, Liberty Mutual offers competitive rates with affordable premiums.

  • The cost of life insurance for 24 year old women starts at $ 16 per month for $ 500,000 in coverage, with $ 500,000 coverage for ten years.
  • For 24 years malesPolicy rates start at $ 20.70 per month for $ 500,000, with coverage of $ 10,000,000 for 30 years.


  • Up to $ 10 million in temporary coverage with a term of 30 years
  • Coverage of up to $ 250,000 without medical examination
  • Availability of policies with $ 10 million death benefit with full underwriting
  • Policies are available with death benefits of $ 10 million or more with full underwriting
  • Up to four different life insurance policies to choose from



AIG offers up to $ 2 million in coverage through its universal life insurance plans. The company is known for some of the lowest premium rates and flexible payment plans.

  • For 24 year old women, the average life insurance premium is $ 14 per month for $ 250,000 of coverage with a payment of $ 500,000 for ten years.
  • For 24 year old men, the average life insurance premium is $ 18 per month for $ 250,000 of coverage, with a payout of $ 1,000,000 for ten years.


  • No medical exam is required to obtain coverage on all policies.
  • A wide variety of insurance plans
  • High coverage amounts of up to $ 2 million in term insurance
  • They offer a variety of insurance riders on their policies.

Why take out life insurance at age 24?

Health insurance

The key to being financially healthy in your 20s is a solid health insurance plan that will cover your medical bills for the rest of your life. Life insurance can be part of your health care plan in this case. It will provide you with the necessary funds to cover your medical expenses in the event of an emergency. Life insurance can play a role in helping young people become financially healthy because of its accessibility and affordability.

Funding for retirement

Life insurance is like a prepaid retirement fund that will allow loved ones to easily transfer your assets to them after your death. It can help you secure your future with the right plan to leave enough funds to cover your final expenses and also prevent your loved ones from suffering financial stress. Life insurance can help secure your future as a youngster without too much money.

A marriage

Life insurance is also a great way to provide some monetary security for your wedding expenses. If you and your partner are a young couple who will get married within ten or 15 years, you don’t have to worry about having enough funds available. Life insurance can help you build up extra cash to cover wedding expenses.

Family support

The best thing about life insurance is that it gives your family some financial security after you leave. Life insurance can help them pay for your final expenses and also provide additional funds for their future.

College education

Another way to help pay for college or post-secondary education is having a life insurance policy for your child. You can use the money to help pay for tuition or any other education related expense.

Mortgage protection

Life insurance plans are great for mortgage protection. If you had a spouse before you died, they would keep the house. Then the paid life insurance would help them get the money to keep paying the mortgage.


Given the affordability and potential benefits of term life insurance, it makes sense to purchase a policy even at age 24. Before choosing a life insurance provider, be sure to do extensive research to find the best inexpensive life insurance providers for 24 years.

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