Call of Duty esports fans want an experience that leverages new data


Google has announced a new collaboration between the cloud division and the Call of Duty League, saying it will “revolutionize” the spectator’s esports experience.

therefore Blog post, The company announced ActivStat. This is a project to provide real-time statistics to millions of fans attending Call of Duty events around the world. Launch data points include player and team rankings, as well as performance stats ranked by various aspects of combat.

In the past, fans, players, and coaches had to wait at least a day for match stats to be processed, but ActivStat numbers are constantly updated with a millisecond delay.

“ActivStat brings the power of real-time competition statistics to fans, players and commentators. Statistics are important not only for the current game, but also for the entire list of competitors around the world, ”said the chief architect of Google Cloud. Rob Martin writes. Thu.

“With ActivStat, live broadcasts will soon be enhanced, adding depth and color of playback while streaming, increasing excitement and enhancing the overall experience.

According to Google, Call of Duty League will begin rolling out ActivStat later in the 2021 season. At first, the new stats will be filtered out for the viewer through commentators, but later they will be fed directly into the broadcast feed.

Call of duty esports

The new collaboration will not only improve the fan experience, but will also be an enviable job for esports commentators to interpret the complex actions of viewers who may not be familiar with the nuances of Call of Duty combat. Also brings benefits.

“Esport is more complex to cover than classic sports. Instead of a well-defined physical arena, multiplayer games include a complex and expansive virtual environment. “said Martin.

“The game between competitors is taking place simultaneously in many places. Additionally, each competitor chooses their own device setup, which can have a huge impact on online gameplay and strategy. All of this added complexity in the game comes with data that needs to be captured, analyzed, and communicated to fans in an insightful way. “

Faced with this challenge, Google engineers have developed new solutions over the past six months that integrate high-speed networking and data warehousing to support ingesting multiple crowd sources.

ActivStat uses two features of Google Cloud, BigQuery and Looker. The former can store and analyze large amounts of data generated during a match and extract meaningful statistics at the millisecond level. The latter provides an easy-to-use dashboard that helps commentators understand information on the fly.

However, according to Google, these first features are just the start of a partnership with the Call of Duty League. Going forward, the company aims to map stadium hot spots and make smart predictions to optimize camera placement.

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