Fran Fraschilla: Damian Lillard has “all the power” in Portland


Damian Lillard’s future with the Portland Trail Blazers has been the hottest topic in the NBA and the offseason has yet to officially begin.

Lillard, who will enter his 10th NBA season this fall, has been placed in a tough spot. He wants to stay with the Blazers and has made a commitment to the team and hopes that GM Neil Olshey and his team can build a legitimate championship contender around him.

Where things get risky is that Lillard just turned 31, they have a new head coach at Chauncey Billups and it’s not clear if the team can make any significant roster adjustments for them. bring in the league’s elite.

In the last episode of Talkin ‘Blazers, Fran Fraschilla gave her take on Lillard’s situation with the team.

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“Even nice guys have to be holes sometimes,” Fraschilla said. “I think that’s where Lady is right now. I think he might have to be a hole and say, “I tried that. I am faithful and this will always be my first home. It’s time. You rebuild and send me to a place where I can have a chance to win a title.

Everyone has an opinion on what Lillard could do. But what matters most is what Lillard himself thinks is best for him. Fraschilla and the ‘Talkin’ Blazers’ team explained how Kobe Bryant became frustrated with the Lakers in 2007 and called for a trade.

Bryant thought he was going to be treated until the Lakers management cooled him down and guaranteed to help him. The following season, the team acquired Pau Gasol and made it to three straight NBA Finals, including two in a row.

Lillard’s personality is different from Bryant’s. Although the two are similar in that they are the player for the franchise and want to be put in a winning situation as they enter their 30s.

“You like the guy for his professionalism and loyalty,” Fraschilla said. “He has all the power. I don’t think anyone outside of Portland is going to think Lady Lillard is a villain because they want to be in a new situation.

The power is exactly in Lillard’s hands. How he wants to use it is up to him. He’s had a whole summer to use it, but he has to be honest with himself: can he win a championship in Portland? The popular answer will probably be no, but going against the grain has brought Lillard this far.

Whether he stays or gets treated, Blazer fans will understand where Lillard came from. The team has made the playoffs for eight consecutive seasons and only reached the first round three times.

Maybe Fraschilla is on to something.

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