HK urged to take advantage of ‘bridge’ role


A photo taken on July 14, 2020 shows Golden Bauhinia Square in Hong Kong. (Photo / Xinhua)

Faced with the selective narrative of some foreign media, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has a unique mission and role in building a correct image of China on the world stage, said Leung Chun-ying, deputy head of the principal. political advisory body of the country. at a high-profile local forum Monday.

The vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference said in his opening speech that China is actively opening its doors to the world and reforming its economic sectors, but some international media have limited their reporting to politics and have made numerous false allegations against the country.

Leung, who is also the general organizer of the Hong Kong Coalition, which co-hosted the event, believes it is “the result of the agenda setting” by Western politicians who want to distract from the poor performance and failures of their own government.

He also suggested that the level of resources allocated by media organizations for coverage of China does not reflect the growing importance of the country and the changes that have taken place in the country.

It is concerning that the international public receives “selective, uneven and fragmentary” coverage of China, Leung added.

To help China tell its stories better to the world, he encouraged Hong Kong to take advantage of its unique advantages.

Leung noted that most countries consider Hong Kong SAR to be the best means of communication with the Chinese mainland, as well as the best transshipment port not only for the flow of goods and capital, but also for the news, information and analysis on Chinese political and economic issues.

He said he hopes the city can better use its role as a gateway and the “one country, two systems” arrangement to reach out to the international community.

Noting that there are around 370,000 people from Hong Kong living on the Chinese mainland, Leung said that each of them is a good source of history, and he encouraged them to share their stories.

“We should present the people of the world with a full range of stories from China. The true story of China has to come out, the balanced narrative has to come out. Hong Kong should take this international podium.”

The forum, whose theme was “International Communication in the New Era”, attracted many leaders and academics from the city and abroad. Hong Kong SAR Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po and Lu Xinning, Deputy Director of the Hong Kong SAR Central People’s Government Liaison Office, also attended the opening ceremony.

The forum featured two panel discussions, one focused on understanding Hong Kong as a multi-faceted city and the other on how to tell the story of China in a polarized world.

French businessman Julien-Loic Garin, who attended the event, told China Daily that Hong Kong could leverage its branding and marketing strengths to help China strengthen its soft power on the international scene.

Garin, an art insider who has lived in Hong Kong for more than a decade, said he believes the diverse, mature and internationally active arts community will make Chinese culture “tangible” to the Western world.

The SAR’s role as a bridge not only provides China with an opportunity for greater cultural expression, but also satisfies the world’s desire for more windows to China.

During a panel discussion on the forum, Hong Kong business leader Pansy Ho Chiu-king said China has long been misunderstood due to selective reporting from some foreign media. She called for concerted efforts to build a correct national image. “We cannot let people describe us in context,” she added.

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