Introducing Kyoto How to help save the planet and make money

Kyoto is the world’s first decentralized multi-layered carbon credit finance protocol. Our technology improves the slow and outdated carbon credit industry by implementing a host of solutions that use smart contracts on a secure and fully transparent blockchain ledger. Creating the ultimate standard for the carbon credit industry.

Our mission is to make the carbon credit industry more transparent, efficient, accessible and profitable. Make a real difference in the fight against climate change and the wallets of our users. Our technology allows retail and institutional investors to create certified compensation while staking funds or holding our native Kyoto Token.

kyoto token fair launch is an exciting way to own a share of our decentralized application network. Our token distribution offers a fixed APY of 916,474% to our most loyal holders. To know more about the launch of our fair, please join our telegram channel here.

Why is this important?

Overall, as a collective, we are behind on our carbon offset targets. These goals are set by our governments as a guideline to stop the catastrophic damage to our planet, which will directly affect the sustainability of human life. We are less than ten years away from reaching a point of no return. Putting this in a scary perspective, humans only have 0.005% equivalent of our total time on earth to repair 100% of the damage we have caused. The only way to do this securely and fully understand data metrics is on a transparent blockchain ledger. If used correctly, carbon credits will become the most powerful tool we have to fight climate change.

How does improve the carbon offset industry?

Kyoto is not a single technology, but a network of cross-chain decentralized applications running on a fully transparent blockchain ledger, purpose-built to improve the dangerously lagging carbon offset industry. Our technology solutions improve all aspects of the carbon credit industry such as accessibility, transparency and liquidity. We strongly believe that carbon credit clearing should occur on a blockchain ledger with carbon credits certified only as synthetic assets. Kyoto The technology is not only creating a new planet-saving standard for the carbon offset industry, but a cost-effective standard for our users. Using the latest web3 de-fi technology, the possibilities for creating lucrative ways to generate certified carbon credits expand massively.

Our team and our first partnerships.

The team brings core experience and stability to our business model and has a direct reach into many of the overlapping industries our protocol serves. Collectively, our team has raised, traded, and secured over $3.5 billion in cryptocurrency, renewable energy, and fundraising.

We understand that being transparent with investors is critical to success and that Doxxing is a key differentiator in building trust. The team plans to fully dox before announcing the launch date of the Kyoto Token show, to reassure our community and demonstrate that we have nothing to hide.

The team has already built a group of very credible and innovative partners who believe in our vision to make a difference. Together, we will deliver something great to the community, the planet, and our users’ wallets. Collectively, and its partnership ecosystem will work together to realize our vision.

Learn more about our partnership to save the planet with CUDOS here.

If you consciously want to make a positive change for our planet while making money, join us in our community.





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