Iowa’s Phil Parker rises to challenges containing No. 2 Ohio State

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) – Fresh off their bye weeks, the Iowa soccer team will travel to Ohio State for their first meeting since 2017.

The last one went well for the Hawkeyes as they beat the Buckeyes 55-24. Iowa had four interceptions in that game and scored 17 points on Ohio State’s turnovers.

Heading into this week’s meeting, Iowa’s defense ranks among the top ten in the nation. However, the Buckeyes offense is currently averaging nearly 50 points per game and leads the nation in offensive touchdowns with 41.

“You have to train well, you have to play well and you have to be in the right places. You have to have eye discipline like any other game. You have to play with high leverage,” Iowa defensive coordinator Phil Parker said. “I think leverage is a word we throw around, but leverage goes all the way to your base lineup. If three or four guys are passing by, well, you better — he’s the enemy. Let’s move our troops there. If they go the other way, you change it. You need to know how to line up and make sure you take advantage of formations and take advantage of the ball when you go to tackle it. You have to play with leverage when you beat blocks. That’s what you do.

Ohio State (6-0) has won each of its seven home games against Iowa (3-3). Kick-off on Saturday is scheduled for 11 a.m.

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