IRI supports KISS products to take advantage of consumer trends and drive industry-leading growth


IRI®Is a rapidly growing global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumers, retail and media businesses, and KISS® Products Products, leader in professional quality beauty products. She will continue her long-term partnership, focusing on using IRI Market Advantage ™ and IRI Consumer and Shopper Insights Advantage ™ on Unify® to adapt and take advantage of fast-moving consumer beauty trends. evolution. Viewing platform.

As consumers change their behavior in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the beauty industry has experienced severe disruptions in demand. KISS is deeply committed to cutting-edge innovation and strong partnerships with retailers, leveraging the speed and agility of Unify and the active guidance of IRI’s Mid-Market Growth team, lending special attention to consumer trends and to the search for opportunities for innovation and growth. KISS’s success has made it a leader in CPG growth in 2020 in the latest CPG industry research conducted by IRI and Boston Consulting Group. This shows that KISS has been recognized as a growth leader in this area for the fifth time in six years.

Paul Yang, Chief Strategy Officer of KISS Products Inc. said, “The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way consumers beautify themselves. In this dynamic period, our partnership with IRI has greatly contributed to our growth and success. Contribution. The IRI platform allows us to track customer preferences and buying habits in real time, and with the additional hands-on support from the IRI consulting team, KISS has turned times of turbulence into continuous growth catalysts and peak. Cooperate with IRI Partnerships to help us better understand our consumers, execute effective strategies, and make better decisions faster. ”

Robert Porod, Executive Vice President of IRI’s Mid-Market Business, said: “We are very happy to help KISS succeed in an unprecedented year.” “Our unified platform and industry-leading data set have greatly exceeded our ecosystem of partners. Our ability to combine technology with practical practice makes IRI a no-brainer. CPG companies large and small are looking for unique strategic partners for their growth.

Unify IRI’s visualization platform improves return on investment for CPG manufacturers and retailers of all sizes by accelerating analysis speed and integrating multiple different data sources, providing a single point of access to all IRI Liquid data® Solutions, including Market Advantage and Consumer and Shopper Insights Advantage, can aggregate and visualize point-of-sale and consumer panel data to provide a real-time, holistic view of consumer trends and buying behavior.

To learn more about IRI’s mid-market growth practices, please contact Robert Porod at: [email protected].

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About KISS Products Company

KISS is a global leader in beauty, providing DIY consumers with innovative, professional-grade products. KISS is the market leader in the fashionable nails and false eyelashes category. The brand serves consumers of all ages, races, races and skill levels with its portfolio of reasonably priced and readily available products that are designed to inspire creativity, individuality and self-expression. The wide range of KISS products also includes colorful cosmetics, beauty tools and accessories, as well as hair color and care.

About IRI

IRI is a rapidly growing, leading provider of big data, predictive analytics, and forward-looking insights that can help CPGs, over-the-counter healthcare organizations, retailers, financial services, and media companies to develop their activities. IRI has the largest repository of data on shopping, media, social media, causation and loyalty, all integrated into an on-demand cloud-based technology platform, driving the personalization revolution and helping to guide more than 5000 customers around the world. keep pace with the times, maintain market share, stay in touch with consumers, cooperate with key elements and achieve growth at the forefront of the market.

About IRI’s Mid-Market Growth Practices

IRI’s mid-market growth practices provide high-tech, high-touch support to small and medium-sized manufacturers. No matter the size of the business, IRI has a data solution that can drive understanding and development. Businesses can take advantage of the same tested and proven solutions provided to IRI’s global partners, so businesses of all sizes can democratize data, simplify analysis and ultimately win in the marketplace, benefiting the business. For more information on IRI’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed for small and medium brands, please contact Robert Porod at: [email protected].

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