Jacinda Ardern delivers verdict on former Kiwi Barnaby Joyce’s return as Australian Deputy Prime Minister


Jacinda Ardern delivers verdict on Barnaby Joyce’s return to Australia’s deputy prime minister – after calling her a “climate hypocrite”

  • Jacinda Ardern has a controversial history with Nationals fire mark Joyce
  • The New Zealand government has previously claimed it has dual Kiwi-Aus citizenship
  • He called Ms Ardern a “climate hypocrite” and criticized her refugee program
  • But the New Zealand leader said their story would not hamper healthy relationships

Jacinda Ardern says she is happy to be working with former Kiwi and New Zealand antagonist Barnaby Joyce as the Nationals brand takes over the role of Australian Deputy Prime Minister.

Mr Joyce won a vote in the Nationals party hall in Canberra on Monday to oust Michael McCormack as regional party leader and will soon become Scott Morrison’s deputy in the coalition government.

Ms Ardern may have reason to be troubled by her return, given Mr Joyce’s turbulent history with his party and government.

In 2017, Ms Ardern’s Labor Party used questions in the New Zealand parliament to help uncover Mr Joyce’s latent New Zealand citizenship, which forced the New England MP to step down from his seat.

Ms Ardern (pictured June 17) said she “certainly wouldn’t be attracted” to her affair with Mr Joyce, and that it wouldn’t hinder a healthy future relationship

Mr. Joyce gave up his Kiwi roots and returned to Canberra in a by-election.

Just a week after his re-election, he attacked Ms Ardern’s government for its long-standing offer to resettle 150 refugees from Australia’s mandatory offshore detention regime, saying New Zealand should “stay away from the business of ‘another country”.

And last year, from the backbench, Joyce called New Zealand a “climate hypocrite” for using carbon credits carried over from previous years to meet the emissions reduction targets of the Protocol. Kyoto.

Mr. Joyce is a strong advocate of coal, promoting new coal-fired power plants.

Ms Ardern said she “would certainly not be attracted” to her history with Mr Joyce and that it would not hamper a healthy future relationship.

“My role as Prime Minister in New Zealand is to work constructively with anyone who is part of a democratically elected government in any other country at any given time and that is what I will do,” she declared.

Mr Joyce (pictured Monday) won a vote in the Nationals' hall in Canberra on Monday to oust Michael McCormack as regional party leader

Mr Joyce (pictured Monday) won a vote in the Nationals’ hall in Canberra on Monday to oust Michael McCormack as regional party leader

“We won’t always agree. Sometimes we will. But it’s my job.

Mr Joyce’s return comes at a time when Australia and New Zealand have reportedly entered into refugee resettlement talks, an offer John Key first made to Julia Gillard in 2013.

In 2017, he suggested Australian retaliation would follow if New Zealand Labor continued to push for resettlement.

“I think it’s best if you stay away from the business of another country. I think it’s because others will return the favor at a convenient time, ”he told Newstalk ZB.

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