Keep Calm and Use Wisdom to Dull Outside Provocations: Global Times Editorial


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It is indisputable that China is getting stronger and stronger. Yet some outside forces continue to suppress and provoke China. How China responds to them, whether the country is to respond with aggressive countermeasures, and to what extent China should counter suppressions and provocations is now a test for China.

First, we must have an objective and clear understanding of ourselves. China has indeed become more powerful. The economic scale of the country and the level of national defense are reaching an unprecedented level, giving the country a competitive advantage. China must overcome foreign disturbances as we continue to grow.

Therefore, in the face of malicious and even hostile provocations, we must deliver tit-for-tat counterattacks to safeguard the fundamental interests of our nation. If we are too gentle in our response to provocations, the world will not respect us, and there will be more antagonistic forces to intimidate and intimidate us.

In the meantime, we must also be clear that our biggest task in the coming future is to continue to develop our country, instead of being belligerent or expressing anger when we are provoked. The best strategy for dealing with some provocations is to ignore them and continue. In the face of all kinds of provocations, our overall strategic goal is to keep our posture and calm.

We have to recognize that we are not yet the greatest and most powerful force in the world. The United States is more powerful, having a number of close allies to support its cause on the world stage. The United States is now calling on these countries to contain China and is also trying to induce China’s neighbors to escalate friction and conflict with China, with the aim of slowing our development and ultimately stopping China’s rise. . How to mitigate the containment effect of the United States is a big challenge.

China needs intelligent strategic wisdom to deal with the complex situation. We must fight against various provocations and defend our national interests. In the meantime, we must not escalate the friction and try to avoid high intensity confrontations with the United States or its close allies.

We need to distinguish between our core interests and those that are not. At the same time, we must master the art of struggle so that others fully recognize China’s core interests and be convinced of our resolve and resolve to never back down on those core interests.

In a nutshell, China is now strong enough to defend our fundamental interests against damage, but we have not been able to dissuade outside forces from harassing us on lesser issues. It is essential to remember that the time is on China’s side and the country’s strategic initiative to deal with these issues is gaining momentum.

China’s rise will never be smooth. We need to make sure that other countries are aware of China’s red lines and that these lines should never be crossed. We must assure the outside world that China is still a friendly force that will not infringe on the interests of other countries and take the initiative to increase friction. China will not use its growing economic power to intimidate or coerce any country in the world.

The main approach of the United States to mobilize an anti-Chinese united front is to slander China for its security expansion, diplomatic intimidation, in order to serve the self-interest of the United States. In addition to taking countermeasures against American slander, we must take steps to convince the whole world that China is indeed not what the United States claims to be, but a friendly trading partner who always helps the world. development of other countries.

As a result, Chinese public opinion must break the old mentality. We must firmly support our country’s professional diplomatic team in formulating specific diplomatic strategies in the light of different situations. When it is time to fight back, we have to shoulder the necessary costs. When diplomats adopt a flexible foreign policy, we must also support it.

In short, we must believe that our diplomatic team is capable of maximizing the national interests of our country at a lower cost and of supporting the decisions it takes.

We must oppose the slander by the outside world of China’s “wolf warrior diplomacy” which is totally exaggerated by some foreign forces. We must avoid overly aggressive or offensive rhetoric in expressing our opinion, which will increase the pressure on Chinese diplomacy and may offer additional excuses for the United States to promote the “Chinese threat” theory. China’s national strategy cannot be achieved without the proactive and rational participation of the public, and public opinion is the essential support to strengthen the strength of diplomacy.

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