Leverage real-time solutions in ArcGIS for threat monitoring and response

As the world becomes increasingly unstable, various organizations are scrambling to ensure business continuity and protect valuable assets, facilities and personnel from threats. This involves addressing the challenges associated with collecting, filtering, and leveraging myriad streams of threat and risk data (which come in many formats and protocols). Simultaneously, every organization has unique needs and standard operating procedures for disseminating threat information and alerting stakeholders to issues. Geospatial information systems provide a configurable platform to solve these problems, from ingesting and visualizing threat data from different sources, to performing real-time geospatial analysis and geolocation , and briefing personnel on incidents and trends, this data enables rapid action to mitigate threats. Join this webinar to understand how ArcGIS items can be used to support organizational resilience with real-time processing engines and configurable applications.

In this webinar, we will explain how the ArcGIS system enables a flexible and extensive basis for monitoring threats and hazards for facilities, infrastructure and personnel. Topics include:

  • Connect and ingest real-time threat data from various sources using ArcGIS Velocity
  • Leverage configurable applications, such as Survey123, to allow stakeholders to easily define threat notification needs and alert preferences
  • Set up real-time scans to perform geolocation between incoming threats and corporate assets
  • Provide situational awareness across the organization with ArcGIS Dashboards and customize information views for different audiences

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