Putin says claims that environmental issues don’t concern Russia are nonsense


ST.PETERSBOURG, June 4. / TASS /. Claims that climate change issues do not concern Russia are nonsense, a myth and a distortion of fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday.

“We hear every now and then that Russia is not interested in tackling global environmental issues. Well, what can I say about that? St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Russia, like other countries, feels “the risks and threats in this area, including the invasion of the desert, soil erosion, thawing permafrost,” said Putin. “Many of those here know that we have entire cities in the Arctic built on frozen soil. If it thaws, what consequences will Russia have? Of course, this concerns us a lot.”

“We systematically support the implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement,” Putin promised. “There are no separate climates in Russia, Europe, Asia or America. Our countries share responsibility for the world today, for the lives of future generations.”

Russia’s natural potential plays colossal role in global climate stability

The president also said that “Russia’s natural potential is of colossal importance in maintaining the climate stability of the world”.

“Russia’s forests, tundra, farmlands and swamps have colossal absorption potential,” he said.

Putin recalled that Russia represents a fifth of the world’s forest areas. Forests occupy nearly 10 million square kilometers of its territory. According to expert estimates, these forests consume billions of tons of carbon dioxide equivalent each year, Putin said.

“Let me stress again: the importance of Russia’s natural potential to keep the global climate stable in general is huge, it’s colossal,” he said.

The Russian leader drew attention to the fact that the world is witnessing the emergence of “a whole industry, a fundamentally new market in carbon emission units”.

“Many energy specialists, in particular, know what it is, but let me explain. It is a sort of asset that characterizes the amount of dangerous emissions into the atmosphere absorbed by a area of ​​land or forest, ”Putin said. . “In other words, some work carried out on this land which has increased its absorption potential means that a certain number of carbon units have been generated.

Already now, many countries and associations, Putin pointed out, have plans to accept these units from exporters, thus offsetting the emissions caused by the production of the goods they import.

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