The “best of times” for gold (and the miners profiting from it)

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The best of times ahead for gold investors (and gold miners), if you’ve survived the worst of them


Charles Dickens (

Let Charles Dickens teach us a few things about not invest only in gold, but invest in general:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

Now is the best case scenario if you are a gold bull who somehow managed to NOT to be part of the perma-bullish herd led by those who make their bones keeping the herds in line using dogma in the form of continuous and persuasive arguments. These arguments ring true as dogma rails against a morally and essentially bankrupt system.

There is power in this truth, but timing and market prices are completely different matters and as market participants we just need to be able to separate inner beliefs (biases) from short term reality at any time.

With many of our fundamental and sentiment indicators (NFTRH) heading towards or at “buy” levels and with very positive risk/reward this is a best case scenario if you are not already loaded but as you prepare or begin to position yourself. The techniques are not good and that is reason enough for a little patience.

“…it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of madness, it was the age of belief, it was the age of unbelief…”

Wisdom in this case is the ability to think for yourself. Do honest work and consider the same of others, know or at least have a good idea of ​​your own psychological profile and get over it YOUnot THEIR to finally make decisions. There is enough proven and direct information.

Madness, on the other hand, doesn’t do the job to the extent necessary. It is trusting those who have good promotions (a definition: activity that actively supports or encourages the advancement of a cause, company or goal). The problem being that all too often advancement goes straight into the pockets of promoters as they tug at your honest heart about real money and a more honest monetary system. Noble goals, but having those goals and achieving them intact are two completely different things.

Personally, I have a period belief that gold has enduring value in the monetary realm, even though it is no longer official currency. It’s an anchor for long-term value in a system gone crazy. My final thoughts on the true value of gold are here (8.11.22). Gold as a protector of wealth and a beacon of the moral bankruptcy of the system, there is no doubt in my mind.

Where I am incredulous is seeing those who would brag about this simple asset of value and incite their herds to speculation. Whenever gold doesn’t do what these speculators want it to or think it should, the strong disappointment (and conspiracy theories, which are little more than excuses by promoters) can be heard from afar.

“It was the season of light, it was the season of darkness…”

In gold and especially gold stocks, you travel through darkness (or better yet, wait) before you get to light. In the best case for gold, the season of light comes when darkness falls on most other areas of the macro markets. Although the promoters are trying to spin it because it’s still a good time for gold (well, if you know why you’re holding it long term) and miners (it’s a grim tragedy). When gold underperforms against the inflated world of stocks and/or commodities, it’s much worse for gold miners. The reasons have been noted many times in NFTRH and on, but are beyond the scope of this article.

“It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

Yes indeed it was, and it will be.

When patrons of stock and commodity-focused casinos danced for joy after August 2020 (when 3 active promoters unwittingly called the gold top), precious metals investors entered a period of desperation two years.

Today, precious metals investors can actually be hopeful as the macro is slowly coming together. Again, the reasons are beyond the scope of this article, which simply attempts to make some general remarks on the mindset of investors. But we cover them consistently and reliably every step of the way in NFTRH as the season changes. There may still be near-term perils, but the risk/reward ratio is moving strongly, albeit slowly, in favor of gold.

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