The International Institute for Marine Insurance Studies will hold a CMIP Seminar on Marine Employee Insurance

The International Institute for Marine Insurance Studies (IIMIS) will present the Certified Marine Insurance Professional (CMIP) Marine Employee Insurance Seminar at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina on October 26-27.

CMIP offers the latest hands-on training and designation in marine insurance and longshoring for marine professionals. The training will feature keynote speakers from Core Specialty Insurance Holdings and LIG Marine Managers and will include topics such as:
• Situation and status of stevedores
• Comparison of neighboring jurisdictions
• Protection and indemnification
• Liability of maritime employers
• Navigate Longshore beyond the basics

“The CMIP certification distinguishes you as having a professional and informed level of knowledge and expertise in commercial marine and longshoring insurance, said IIMIS Director of Education Karen Tischler, CMIP. Official certification provides the added edge needed in today’s marine market. Each seminary can provide 16 CE credits in most states.

Tischler continued, “To earn your Certified Marine Insurance Professional designation, attendees must attend each of the four CMIP seminars, which include Shipowners and Operators Insurance, Waterfront Business Insurance, maritime employees and recreational marine insurance. We are very happy to be back and teaching live seminars again! We look forward to seeing you all in sunny San Diego.

This designation and continuing education is designed for agents, brokers, CSRs, insurance company personnel and professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of marine insurance.

Participation in CMIP seminars now allows participants to meet or update the requirements of cleared CICs, CRMs, CPRMs and CISRs.
Source: International Institute for Marine Insurance Studies

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