What can COP27 do for climate-vulnerable countries?

Due to continuous and rapid climate change, natural disasters – such as sea level rise, floods, droughts, river erosion, cyclones and salinity – are becoming more extreme and destructive. with time. It affects all continents of the world. The impacts of climate change lead to loss of crops and agricultural production, jeopardizing food security in the world today. Simply put, climate change threatens the safety of life and property of people and animals around the world.

To combat these issues, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) comes into play. This 27th edition of the climate conference known as the COP27 will take place in November 2022. Let’s focus on what COP27 can do for countries affected by climate change.

What is COP27?

‘Cop’ stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’. It is a United Nations initiative. In 1995, the first COP conference was held in Berlin, Germany, which was held in a different country each year.

These conventions serve as the formal meeting of parties to the UNFCCC (Conference of the Parties, COP) to discuss progress in attempting to mitigate the effects of climate change, and they began to participate in discussions from the mid-1990s. about. The conference also negotiated the Kyoto Protocol with the aim of establishing legally binding obligations for developed countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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This year, COP27 will take place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, from November 6-18. However, COP 27 was originally scheduled to take place from November 8 to 20, 2021. But, due to the covid 19 pandemic, COP 26 was postponed from November 2020 to November 2021. This led to COP 27 in November 2021 to November 2022.

In 2019, 197 countries had become members of the UNFCCC. Thus, this year, all member countries are expected to come together with their valuable proposal for the sake of the environment.

The UNFCCC COP27 will be an important event regarding environmental pollution and climate change. The conference discusses the risks and solutions to climate change. This event is promising as it will help build consensus on how to prevent global climate change.

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What should COP27 achieve for vulnerable countries?

The COP conference should aim to provide a space for vulnerable countries to share their experiences, learn from each other and create new ideas on how to prevent climate problems. This would help reduce the risk of another devastating conflict in the future.


COP26 was the first-ever test of the Paris Agreement’s goal function to mitigate climate change. In other words, preventing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Yet he did not achieve his goals.

By the end of this century, if Member States implemented all the changes from the “Nationally Determined Contributions” or “NDCs”, it would still be projected that the global average temperature would rise by 2.4 degrees Celsius . The final outcome of COP26 urges all parties to increase their targets by 2030 to become compatible with NDCs by 2022. Therefore, COP27 is more important than previous COPs.

Thus, COP27 should arrive at a mitigation plan so that the risk of vulnerable countries is reduced in the long term.

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COP26 urges developed countries to double funding for adaptation alongside the launch of a two-year work program towards the Global Adaptation Goal (GGA). The GGA provides international support to reduce countries’ vulnerability to climate change and adapt to the environment through holistic and sustainable development.

Vulnerable countries have been asking for help for decades. And COP27 is expected to present an appropriate adaptation plan for affected countries.


The COP26 summit was a major point of frustration and anger for many developing countries. In particular, they expressed their frustration and anger at the failure to deliver on pledges of regular funding to help them with their adaptation and mitigation efforts.

There should be a move towards fulfilling historic promises to provide an annual climate funding 100 billion dollars from 2020 to 2025 each year, but these commitments are not yet fulfilled. Thus, COP27 can be an important step for vulnerable countries in securing the expected funding for mitigation and adaptation plans.

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Global balance sheet

COP 27 will host a technical dialogue as part of the 2021-23 Global Stocktake (GST). The GST will assess progress towards achieving the Paris Agreement, which will take place every five years in synchronization with the ratchet mechanism.

GST assesses progress on mitigation, adaptation and prevention measures, assessing the mechanisms that contribute to mitigating climate change and its social effects. COP27 will be a crucial moment to examine the results of such agreements. Therefore, it can bring adequate results for sensitive countries.

Compensation for loss and damage

Environmental loss or deterioration refers to violations of the constraints of the natural environment that cannot be avoided by preventive or adaptive measures. Developing countries least responsible for climate change seek financial support for such irreparable loss and damage from countries most responsible for the climate crisis.

Thus, COP27 should obtain compensation for the affected countries.

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Last words

COP27 is expected to make progress on signing agreements and declarations, which can help secure increased financial support for vulnerable countries. The conference should provide them with new ideas on how to tackle climate change, help them build their resilience to climate shocks and give them access to mitigation and adaptation plans. So far we have discussed what COP27 should achieve for countries vulnerable to climate change. Stay with us for updates on the COP27 Conference in 2022.

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